Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Real Quick "What's up?"

Yeah, I don't blog anymore. Not by choice. I have been too insanely busy to do anything other than shower, student teach, do homework, and spend very little precious time with Asa and Berkeley. Here's what's up:

3 more days of student teaching! "Hallelujah!!" does not appropriately convey my excitement about this matter. 7 weeks in the 3rd grade and 7 weeks in the 5th grade has shown me that TEACHING IS HARD is no matter what age the kids are. I might hit the next person who says anything about teachers being overpaid.

3 weeks until graduation! I am so glad I can almost finally say "I did it!" and "I'm DONE."

5 weeks until this baby girl graces us with her presence. I am feeling large and very uncomfortable (thought still sleeping like a brick, thank goodness) with lots of lower back pain. Oh, and that annoying ever-present exhaustion has once again set in. I am very excited to meet our daughter and get to know her, although I am nervous about transitioning to two kids.

Berkeley has won Asa's little heart over since he has been playing a lot of Mr. Mom the last three months. When Berkeley is around, I tend to be chopped liver, but that's okay. I love how close those two are. I'm sure once I am able to be around again, I will be promoted from the chopped liver status once more.

Asa is happy and healthy. He is like Jekyll and Hyde boy right now with his temperament. I guess it must be the age, but one minute he is as happy as ever and the next minute he is throwing himself to the floor in a major temper tantrum. His favorite word right now is "MYSELF!" He wants to do everything on his own and gets so mad when we try to help him. He loves Diego, Cars (the tractor tipping scene),and Bob the Builder. He loves the books Peter Pan and Mickey Mouse. He talks extremely well and I love being able to communicate with him. His favorite toys right now are his little tricycle and a spring horse that my mom has at her house.

Those are the major happenings in life right now. I will post more once I have more than 5 minutes of breathing time.