Saturday, August 28, 2010

Great News!

The Lord really has a way of making us trust in his timing. I have been so frustrated with school over the past year. Transferring to Weber meant going from 2 semesters left to 4 semesters left simply because I had to do filler classes that Weber required. Well, I only have two classes left in the program before student teaching but they were offered at the exact same time on the same days. LAME! This meant that I would have to take ONE class this semester, ONE class next semester, wait the summer, and then student teach in the fall. I prayed that I would have patience and that things would work out the way they should. I have been in school one week already, but on Friday I got an e-mail from the teacher I am supposed to have for my class next semester. She told me she had a couple students dropped and that the morning session was open for me if I wanted to add her class. I can't tell you how excited I was to get her e-mail. Now I can complete my classes this semester, student teach next semester and graduate in May!! It is hard to believe that in 9 months I will be done with school...unless I do the master's program, but right now I am not even thinking about that!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Words Asa can now say, or some what say...

-lawnmower (mow-mow)
-grandpa (pa-pa)
-grandma (ma-maw)
-swimming (ING!)
-Karl (kar-kar)
-David (day-day)
-belly button (bee-bee)
-pee pee
-poo poo
-Jesus (he-suh)
-binky (me-me)
-bottle (bah-ble)

I'm sure I have forgotten some and he is beginning to mimick quite a few more words. It is so fun to hear his little voice and know he is learning to talk. He is still signing and knows many words by their signs. It is interesting to see him link words and signs together. For example, the other day, Berkeley and Asa saw a bike outside of the store. Asa touched it and realized that the sun had made it very hot. The entire ride home, Asa would say bike followed by the sign for hot. What a smart little guy we have.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Boy Loves His Daddy...Especially Since His Daddy is Clark Kent.

Asa is a daddy's boy! There is no denying the fact that Berkeley is the favored parent when we are both together. I am more than okay with that and I love to see the two of them together.

Sometimes Asa will find Berkeley's clothes, say "Dadda" over and over again and insist on wearing them around his neck. Once he has decided he needs to wear Berkeley's clothes, he refuses to give them up. Here he is eating lunch with Berkeley's shirt wrapped around his neck.

The last few days, Berkeley has become obsessed with the old Superman TV show. He has been watching episode after episode on Netflix. My little brother gave him a pair of glasses that look like Clark Kent's. I am not kidding when I say that he wears those glasses every time he watches Superman now. In fact, he is watching it right now and wearing the glasses. Sometimes I think I has two sons. Here are some pictures of my "two little boys" watching Superman.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Still Alive!

We are still here. I have just been burned out on blogging lately. I have decided to keep an actual journal again (you know, the kind where you have to use a pen and paper), so that is where I have been writing lately. It's nice. I have missed private journal writing. I thought I would get on here and write a quick update for the few of you who read this blog. We are doing well. I have been very much enjoying my two weeks of summer and I'm happy to report I got all A's during the summer semester of school. Now I only have two classes and student teaching left before I graduate. Hallelujah! Now that Berkeley has finished all of his military training, he will joining the ranks of college students everywhere this fall. He will be going to UVU full time and working part time. It will be great because the military will pay for his school and pay us extra per month which is what will make him able to only work part time but still make the same income per month. He is looking into teaching as well, but has not decided what area he wants to major in. He still has a couple semesters before he needs to apply, so hopefully by then he will feel good with one choice. Aside from school, we are just enjoying life and taking care of Asa. He is now 18 months and doing well. He is beginning to say quite a few words. His favorite words right now are scooter and bike. We have been having a really difficult time with his sleep schedule lately. All of a sudden, he totally freaks out when it is bed time so we've had to take him on drives to get him to sleep, and then he wakes up crying a couple times each night. We are hoping it is just a growth spurt or teething that has made things so rough lately. Other wise, he is a happy, healthy, funny boy who we love very much! Overall, we are doing fine and enjoying summer.