Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter is Around the Corner!

My body is beginning to see the results of my Cadburry Mini Egg consumption so I know that Easter is close at hand!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time to Document.

This is a post all about Asa and what he has been learning and doing, so feel free to skip it as it is mainly for my own journaling purposes. Wow, right now is a HARD and FUN time with Asa. He is an energizer battery and he is EVERYWHERE! He has mastered walking and is moving on to running. Often his little feet get ahead of him and he always has bruises on his forehead from taking tumbles. He is a happy baby, but he doesn't stay content with one thing for very long at all. This tends to make very long tiring days for me as I try to keep him entertained. He "talks" all the time, but only has a few real words which are mama, dada, and hello...kind of. He has started doing some signs which is really cool. He signs "eat, more, drink, all done" and he I am trying to teach him a few more. He waves hello and goodbye. He loves to knock on doors. He will go into a room and close the door. Then he will knock and expect me to open the door and say hello...then we repeat the process. He also likes to play peek-a-boo. Since Berkeley has been gone, Asa has played peek-a-boo with him over the webcam a few times. That has been really cute to see him interact with Berkeley in that way since he is gone to tech school. Since Berkeley has been gone, Asa has learned that the phone and the computer mean that we talk to daddy, so anytime he sees either one, he instantly starts saying "dada". He loves bubbles and he will bring me the bubble bottle and blow air through his lips. He is really good at blowing and he blows on ALL his food even if it is already cold. He has a great arm and throws really well. He loves to play with balls. When he is in the bath tub, he loves to lay on his tummy with his head propped up on his arms. He is a great dancer. Even in the car, when music is turned on, he will start bobbing his head up and down. Last week, he started growling. That is hilarious because his whole body gets involved when he decides to growl. He has become obsessed with shoes. He brings me my shoes all the time and he will sit on the floor and try to put his own shoes on. At the same time, he has learned that putting on shoes means that we are going outside so he throws a fit if the door isn't immediately opened after his shoes are on. That's another thing...he has mastered the art of the temper tantrum and it DRIVES ME CRAZY! If something is not just how he wants it then he lets the whole world know about it. I sure love him and I am realizing that being a mom doesn't get easier, but the work just changes. I know it is all worth it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get Your FERG On!

I used to be fun. I used to let loose no matter the embarrassment. This post is proof. I hope my awesome friends Lexi, Annalee and Natalie will forgive me for posting this amazing video we made together. We were roomies at Raintree in Provo and then all went off and got married but still had some groove left in us to put this little gem together. We made this about 3 years ago before any of us were moms...except Natalie had Olivia in the oven! Enjoy! Oh, and don't make too much fun of us.

Good Friends, Good Fun, and Green!

I have been in Washington since Saturday visiting my best friend (and old roomate) Lexi and her husband Jeff (who happens to be Berkeley's cousin). It's been awesome. I love Bonney Lake, WA. Everything is so green and there are so many trees. Lexi and Jeff have a lake practically in their backyard that is attached to the cutest little park. The flight here was fantastic. I timed it to be during Asa's usual naptime and sure enough, he fell asleep during take-off and woke up about 5 minutes before landing. It has been great to have adult interaction all day and for Asa to have a playmate. He is so much happier when there are other people around to entertain him. So far, we have just chilled out at Lexi's house, eaten easter candy, gone to the park, gone swimming at this really cool kid's pool, and today Jeff is going to watch the boys while Lexi and I go stuff our faces at the Olive Garden and do a little shopping. What more could I ask for? I will have pictures and more to past later when I get a chance. I fly home tomorrow night and I sure wish I wasn't, but spring break is coming to a close and school awaits me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jumbled...Just Like My Brain.

Tonight I am tired. Really tired, but I am staying awake waiting for Berkeley to call so we can talk a little bit before bed. Tonight blogging is just a result of trying to stay awake, so forgive the randomness. First of all, I have a love for Easter. The reason is simple and is pictured below...

As of 5 minutes ago, I finished off the last 4 eggs left in my bag of delicious morsels known as Cadbury Mini Eggs. I love you Cadbury, whoever you are.

I have terrible eyesight. Without my contacts or glasses, I am a nearly blind lady with moderate astigmatism. I wear contacts throughout the day, but if I don't take them out and use glasses by about 6:30 then I get a bad headache. Well, Asa loves my glasses. As a result, despite my efforts of dissuasion, my glasses have taken a beating from my son. They finally broke. Does that stop me from wearing them? NO! Absolutely not. I even went to the store a couple times looking like this...

Did I get funny looks and even laughed at by a certain jewelry counter attendant. Of course I did, but it's the price you pay for no headaches. Actually the price you pay is around 360 bucks! That how much the new pair of glasses currently being ordered cost me. Thanks Asa.

So Berkeley is gone to tech school. It sucks. Yep. Since he has been gone, Asa has had two double ear infections in the last 3 weeks. He is currently battling the second one right now and we just started antibiotics yesterday. Can't a little boy catch a break? And his mom too?! He has been very irritable and can't leave his ears alone. I hate it when he is sick and it seems like he is ALWAYS sick! Spring...where the crap are you?! I am sick of cold/flu/ear infection season already!! Anyway, even with the double ear infection, I have still been able to catch some cute stuff on camera. My favorite thing about the pictures is the view of his cute little pearly whites. Baby teeth are among the cutest things ever. At least I think so. Feel free to disagree. Or don't. Whatever.

Since Asa just had his first birthday, I thought it would be fun to reminisce a little and show you this video. He was only 5 days old here. I am tired tonight, but no where near as tired as I was when I took this video. Thank goodness for that.

Alright, have you had enough of my jumbled brain for one blog post? Well, if so then you are in luck because I am done for now.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tired but Surviving.

Hello. My name is Annie and I am a sleep-a-holic. Berkeley has been gone for two and a half weeks now with only 13 weeks to go. Blah. I went into this separation with the idea that it would be totally awful because it was totally awful the last time. Though it does suck, it is no where near as hard as it was the last time around for 4 main reasons...

1. my baby no longer cries ALL DAY.
2. my baby sleeps through the night.
3. I get a break from my baby every day thanks to school and a wonderful mom and mom-in-law.
4. SKYPE with webcam.

I really am a sleep-a-holic though. I seriously have no idea how single parents do it! Taking care of a toddler all day is the most tiring schedule I've ever had and that includes working two jobs while doing full-time school. Aside from being tired a lot and missing Berkeley like crazy, I am coping fairly well. My new ward is great and today, while playing outside with Asa, I visited with some neighbors who have young kids. It was good to get to know them. Hopefully now that we are settled into a more permanent ward, we will be able establish some friendships. I love our apartment and having our own space. I am so excited for Berkeley to get back and enjoy it with me. He was only here with me a week before leaving, so that will be nice. Plus, it will be nice to be able to watch moments like these...