Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Things are Happening!

So, as many of you know, Berkeley had been considering doing a security system sales job in Missouri this summer. It would have been a good opportunity for him to make some extra money and work with a bunch of guys from his home ward and with his brother, Chris. We have been praying about it for a while and never really felt that it was right or wrong. We just starting planning for him to go, and not soon after, he recieved the calling in the bishopric which requires him to be around for at least a year. He turned down the summer sales job, took the calling, and then shortly after, he got a new job offer! He has been working for a company called DePuy Orthepedics for the last 3 years. The company he got an offer from is Zimmer, which is basically one of Depuy's competitors. The new job will be very similar to the one he has been doing already, so training hopefully will be minimal. Zimmer has a great benefits package for medical and dental care. They pay the deductibles while we just pay the normal monthly premium. Also, Zimmer offered him a much better pay than he currently has. Berkeley has loved working at Depuy, so he went to his boss and told him what Zimmer is willing to offer him. His boss said he would talk to the owner to see if Depuy would be willing to match Zimmer's offer. If so, then Berkeley might stay where he's at. Either way, it's a win-win situation! I will keep you updated on what the final decision is.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What a Crazy Sunday!!

So Berkeley and I were called on Thursday to meet with one of the BYU stake presidencies on BYU campus. We had no idea why a stake president from a totally different stake would want to meet with us. We went in today and Berkeley was called to be the second counselor in the bishopric for one of the BYU single student wards! So, right after accepting the calling, we were ushered straight into their sacrament meeting. Berkeley was sustained and then asked to speak at the end of the meeting. Right after sacrament, he was set apart and we had a chance to get to know the bishop and the other members of the bishopric. They seem like great guys. It is an exciting and new calling, but we are sad to be away from our own married ward. We love our ward and didn't really have a chance to say goodbye or get used to the idea of not being a part of it for a long time. Most couples who get this calling are in the student ward for at least a year. Hopefully this will be a good experience for both of us, and hopefully we will be able to fit into this single's ward as a married couple. This calling is strange because it seems like we should be older in order to be a residing couple in a single's ward. All the girls are my age. Pray for us because this is a surprise calling and we are both a little bit anxious about it. I am sure it will be great. Berkeley's first response to the news was,"I definitely think this qualifies me to buy a new suit." I agreed.