Monday, June 13, 2011

Rather Than Cry, Take a Picture.

I was making salmon and roasted veggies for dinner tonight and while the oven was heating up, I kept smelling something funny. It progressively got worse and finally I noticed thick white steam pouring out through the oven vent. I opened the oven door and discovered this:

A few nights ago, we had pizza for dinner. I guess Asa decided his pizza was not quite cooked well enough because he put his slice of pizza, which was nicely situated on a green plastic plate, into the cold oven and closed the door. Yeah, that oven had to be turned on at some point...
I think it's safe to say that Asa's pizza is now cooked well enough. What a mess!

Sweet Hazel Jane!

Oh, how I love this little girl of mine! What a sweet baby she is. In our short five weeks together, here's what I've learned about our little lady:
Hazel loves baths. She would lounge out in her tub all day if I let her. Her favorite way to be held is out in front facing me. It's quite exhausting, but she is so happy and content when held that way. Hazel must be swaddled in order to sleep for longer than 10 minute increments and if allowed, she would sleep perfectly on daddy's chest or in his arms all night long. She is a super grunter. Ever since day one, Hazel has always made her presence known via grunting. She grunts all the time, especially at night when she seems to be sleeping. This explains why her super light sleeper mom is often on the couch while dad sleeps through all the noise! Hazel would starve if I wasn't constantly forcing her awake to continue eating. It's like nursing is an instant sleep trigger for her, so she gets her toes tickled, chin wiggled and blankets removed in efforts to keep her awake for half an hour while nursing. She has so many facial expressions already and I can't wait to see her littler personality emerge.
I took this little video yesterday and it turned out to be a funny one. Asa and Hazel keep me laughing all day (most times from joy and sometimes from being on the brink of insanity), but I don't dare leave those two alone in a room together and you'll see why at the end of this video.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Seeing a new baby in the carseat always puts their little bitty size into perspective!