Monday, April 27, 2009

Asa's Blessing

Asa was given a wonderful blessing yesterday by Berkeley. We are very grateful to all who came to support us. Here are some pictures of Asa in his SWEET tux.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Long Overdue Update & Asa's Blessing Info has been a whirlwind for us the last couple weeks!! Two weeks ago, we got the call that Berkeley would be going to basic training on the 28th of THIS month. Yes, that is one week from today. We quickly put our apartment up for rent and moved out that same weekend. We are now living at my parent't house in Centerville which is a huge blessing for me because I will have company and help while Berkeley is away. Also, saving money and paying off a couple of things will be great! Thanks Mom and Dad!! Berkeley reports on the 28th and basic training ends on June 29th, but there is a chance he may get orders to go directly to tech training. If that happens, then he will be gone for a total of 5 months. We are both confident that we made the right choice in joining the Airforce, but both have our worries and apprehesions about Berkeley being away. Most of our concerns are centered around Asa. A little baby changes a lot in 5 months and Berkeley and I both hate the thought of his daddy having to miss any of it. At the same time, the sooner he goes and get is done with, the better. Asa is doing really well. We took him in for his 2 month well baby visit today. He is growing!! He is now 22 inches long and in the 25th percentile(up from 19" and 3rd percentile). He now weighs 11 lbs 2 oz and is in the 50th percentile (up from 6lbs 3 oz and 5th percentile). He has a little head measuring in at 38 cm which is in the 10th percentile. He is healthy and getting happier all the time. The crying is still often but has decreased so much especially over the last two weeks. He smiles all the time which makes me feel so good! I also love that he visibly recognizes me and the sound of my voice. I am doing pretty well also. I am tired a lot but I guess that comes with the territory of motherhood. I am excited to start exercising consistently again and I look forward to fitting into my old pants hopefully sooner than later!! I have come tot realization that I can't orient my life around Asa all the time. I have to do things I need to do even if he has to sit and cry for while in order for me to accomplish things. That has been a hard adjustment for me, but slowly things are getting better and better. I love my little boy so much and feel like motherhood is the most worthwhile endeavor I could ever be a part of. Last but not least, Berkeley finally got released from his calling as 2nd councelor in the bishopric yesterday. We have loved being a part of the student ward and will miss the people there so very much. At the same time, it will be really nice to be able to sit with my husband again and have him home on Sundays.

Finally, due to Berkeley leaving on such short notice, we are going to bless Asa THIS Sunday in my parent's ward. All family and friends are invited and we would absoluteley love to see anyone who can make it!
Here is the info:
Date: 4-26-09
Time: 1:00
Location: 950 North Main Street, Centerville
Luncheon: We are bad Mormons and are having a luncheon immediately following Sacrament meeting at the Ward's home in Farmington. Their address is 23 W 580 S Farmington, UT.

We love you all!! We can't thank everyone enough for all the love and support we've recieved over the last couple months!! You guys are great. Hope we see you on Sunday!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Apartment for Rent ASAP!

Hello friends and family!! Berkeley and I are planning on moving to Centerville just as soon as possible. We would like to be out of our apartment by the end of this month or by early May at the latest. We already have a storage unit and are planning on starting to move stuff out within the next week. The lease on our apartment goes through August and then is up for renewal. If you or anyone you know is interested in an apartment for rent, then please send them our way!! Here is some info about our apartment and I will post some pictures in the next day or so.

Duplex (split house style)
2 bedrooms and an office area
Upstairs and downstairs
Very spacious with lots of storage space and large closets.
New paint in both upstairs bedrooms and bathroom.
Cheap!! Rent is only $490 per month. (The only downside is that heating in the winter can be expensive. We just used heating dishes anytime possible and it cut the cost in half.)

I have really loved this apartment. It has so much character. We will clean it really well before we are out, but if anyone would like to come see it in the meantime, please do!! Call me anytime at 801-309-1239 and leave a message if I do not answer.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Floor Time and Cousin Time

Asa loves to hang out on the floor especially in the morning just after he's eaten for the first time. I love that he is starting to smile at us now!!

Yesterday, Asa and I went to visit my sister Kimberly and her baby Cade. My mom was there also, so it was really fun to get out of the house and spend time with family. Here is a video of Asa and Cade hanging out on the floor together.

Cade makes the cutest faces when he is about to cry. He totally gets a pouty lip!

Last, this is how much Asa loves tummy time!