Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Little Overview of Berkeley and Me

What is his name? Berkeley Aaron Ward
What is your name? Ann Elise Burrahm Ward
How long have you been married? 2 years and 8 months!
How long did you date? We dated for 4 months and were engaged for 3 months. 7 months total before the big day.
How old is he? He's 27
Who eats more? I eat more sweets by far and I eat more often, but he eats more in one sitting like at dinner time.
Who said I love you first? Berkeley did, but I was anxious to say it back.
Who is taller? Berkeley but not by a lot. I can barely get away with wearing heals.
Who can sing better? We both sing actually. Berkeley has a very good voice.
Who does the laundry? We both are more than willing to do the laundry, and actually Berkeley does it more than me, but both of us refuse to fold it or hang it and put it away! It is a miracle when the clean laundry gets put away within the first 5 days of being washed. Ugh, I hate putting laundry away.
Who pays the bills? I pay all of the bills... with Berkeley's money!
Who sleeps on their right side? Funny because I sleep on my left side and Berkeley sleeps on his right, so most of the time we are facing opposite walls. This comes in handy when are upset with each other!
Who mows the lawn? Ahh, one of the benefits of renting. Some mystery person comes and does the lawn stuff for us. Is there such a thing as a lawn fairy?
Who cooks dinner? I cook dinner most of the time. Occasionally Berkeley will and it is always really good! He should cook more often because he is not afraid to try new things and I am.
Who drives? Berkeley. I prefer it that way. Plus, he is a really bad side-seat driver, so I just let him take the wheel.
Who is more stubborn? I am. No questions about that. Berkeley is always willing to "agree to disagree" or compromise for me, but I have a much harder time with it. I really like to be right and have things go my way...but I am working on that.
Who kissed who first? He kissed me. Funny story. Ask me about it sometime.
Who asked who out first? Berkeley asked me out to dinner and a movie. He kept telling me sorry because he usually hates doing movie dates but his friends really wanted him to come. Also, he hates scary movies, but we went to see "The Grudge"...once again, his friend's doing. We did eat at the Olive Garden though, and that was a success in my book! I love that place.
Who proposed? What a silly question. Are there women in this world that actually propose? Of course Berkeley proposed and it was the best because it was a complete surprise to me.
Who has more friends? We probably have an equal amount of friends, but Berkeley is much better at keeping in touch with his friends, so it always seems like he has more.
Who is more sensitive? Berkeley. I love that about him. He is always very aware of how I am feeling.
Who has more siblings? Berkeley has 2 sisters and 6 brothers! That's nine kids! My family consists of 3 sisters and 3 brothers for a total of 7 kids. I don't understand how our parents did it. They are super-people.
Who wears the pants? I think I try to wear them too often, but for the most part we are a pretty good partnership.

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Own Flashback Post!

Girls Night with some of my favorite people. Lexi, Bekah, Kelsey, and Heather. You guys are awesome!

Berkeley's Rebellion...and Guitar Hero

Lexi and I showing that We are Berkeley and Jeff's biggest fans! Groupies.
Trying on stuff at CAL Ranch in Idaho.

Lexi and Me. We should be cowgirls. Period.

Lexi really don't know. I love her though.

Girls night with my best friends! Natalie, Lexi, and Annalee.

Kayaking trip down the Green River with my cousin Kevin and his wife Kristen and Berkeley's cousin Jeff and his wife Lexi.

The infamous Hot Pots trip! We saw lots of naked people! In this picture, the Ward cousins, Jeff, Berkeley, and Curtis decided to turn themselves into mud men.

Carving Pumpkins on Halloween at Our first apartment with Jeff and Lexi and Natalie and Chad.
My brother-in-law, Nathaniel daydreaming about what it is like to have breasts.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For Those Who Understand the Concept of an Ugly Day...

I was just thinking...does anybody else have days where you feel like no matter what you do, there is no escaping the fact that you just look ugly today? If not, then you are a very lucky person, and I think I might know a few of you who are abnormally and continually beautiful, but for those of you who are like me and have those days that make you feel less than pretty...maybe this will cheer you up...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Airlines Suck...

So, this post is just to help myself vent frustration. Recently Berkeley and I bought tickets for a our long-awaited trip to Hawaii. Well, some things came up and we wanted to change our flight by two days...TWO I called Hawaiian Airlines and asked them how much it would be to change our itinerary. They were very friendly and looked up our information. I was feeling pretty good about it until the nice Hawaiian lady got back on the phone and told me it would be 750.00 to change our flight!! That is how much we paid for the flight itself! No way am I going to pay for a whole extra flight just for a two day switch...Oh well. I guess we will work it out with the plans we originally made. I guess I shouldn't be too upset...we are going to Hawaii after all...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Time for a Laugh!

School is in swing again and stress is high, so I thought I would share a laugh with you all! So, Berkeley and I LOVE Flight of the Concords! Anytime we want to laugh, we just listen to some of their songs. So, since laughter is the best medicine for almost any ailment, here you go... just click on the link below...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dance Dance Dance!

Berkeley tried out for the Gold Ballroom Dance Team at UVSC on Thursday and he made it! Yay! I am really excited for him and he is excited too, although he doesn't show it much. So modest... Anyway, I am hoping he will be able to do the Tour Team next year. He would be able to travel around the country and to Europe to compete. The school would not pay for me to go, but I sure as heck would scrounge up the money to accompany him! Here's to hoping.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008!

Me and Berkeley.
Pac Man with Berkeley. He beat my high score!
Guitar Hero
My sister Karen and her husband Dave.
All of the girls at the party.

Every New Years since we have been married, Berkeley and I have been duds. This year my sister Karen threw a kick-butt New Years Party that got Berkeley and I out of our "go to bed at 10:30 on New Year's eve" rut. Thanks Karen! We ate loads of crappy but delicious food and played games. We played the card game Nerts until midnight and Berkeley came out as Champion! At midnight, we all drank Martinelli's cider in cute little plastic wine cups and tooted little, but very loud horns. Karen's neighbors across the street lit some pretty impressive fireworks...may have been illegal even...but it was fun to watch! Fun night. Thanks Karen and everyone that went to the party!