Thursday, July 31, 2008

Deviated Septum...No More!!

The day has finally arrived! Tomorrow afternoon Berkeley is getting a surgery to correct his deviated septum. I think it was already bad to begin with and then he broke his nose playing soccer a year or so ago and the problem just got worse. When he went to the doctor, he was told he had 98% blockage on one side of his nose. He has always had to breath through his mouth, especially at night, and always has to spit or live with congestion because hardly anything will come out his nose through blowing. Gross. I know it is. He is also hoping that this will straighten out the curve he has in his nose. I think it is cute, but he doesn't like it. Hopefully all goes well. This is his first surgery...poor guy. Wish him luck and happy breathing!

Here is a picture for those of you who like visuals...don't ask me what terbinates are.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Birthday!

On Saturday I turned 24 years old! It was a really good day. Berk and I slept in and then I had to work for a few hours. Unknown to me, while I was a t work, Berkeley was busy shopping for a surprise BBQ/birthday party for me! When I got home from work, we got our swimsuits on and planned on going swimming. We took too long getting to the pool and the bbq was supposed to start at 2, so Berkeley started stalling by driving around random neighborhoods and then we went to the Farmer's Market to walk around a bit. It was a really dang hot Saturday so I was getting honery. I wanted to go home or hurry and go to the pool. I didn't know our neighbors were setting up the bbq at the park we were stalling at. I think Berkeley sensed my bad mood coming on, so he took me over to the covered pavilion where our neighbors were hanging out waiting for us to get there. It was so nice of all of our neighbors to pitch in and spend a couple hours of their Saturday to suprise me with a delicious bbq. Not only did our neighbors come, but my mom, dad, David, Kim, and Matt all drove down to spend time with me. After the bbq, my family came back to our house and hung out with us for a while. It was so nice to just chit chat and spend time together. I feel like I don't see my family a lot so when we do spend time together, I really enjoy it. Later that night, Berkeley and I got Olive Garden take-out for dinner and he made me my favorite cake (Funfetti of course). We had friends come over again to share cake and ice cream. We didn't have candles so Berkeley made me blow out two matches that he stuck in the cake. Thanks to all our friends/neighbors and to my family for sharing their Saturday with me. It was so much fun! Thank you Berkeley for being to considerate and thoughtful and planning such a fun day. Sorry I was an honery butt in the beginning.

Happy 24th of July!

The 24th of July was a fun day. The only bad thing about it was that Berkeley did not get the day off so I was off having fun on my own. I went to the Spanish Fork Parade with my mom, dad, little brother David, David's girly-friend and the triplets. It was tons of fun! My sister, Karen, is in the Spanish Fork Community play of Oklahoma, so she was in the parade. After the parade, we went back to Karen's house and had a bbq for lunch with most of my family. It is always fun to cook out and spend time with family. After the bbq, we all went to watch my sister in the play "Oklahoma." I love that musical! It is, after all, my home-state. Karen did a really good job and the play was great! Afterwards, we hung out for a while longer and then all went home. I was beat so I did not stick around for fireworks. It was a really nice day and having it as a paid day off always make the events so much more enjoyable!

This is a quick Video of Karen dancing in the play. She is the one on the far right.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I Love How Boys Never Really Grow Up.

On Thursday morning, I was upstairs getting ready for work. Berkeley and I leave about the same time every morning but he is usually ready before me. He was ready early that morning, and I heard the sounds of cartoons on the TV. I came downstairs and I heard some spanish words being said on the cartoon Berkeley was watching. Here is the conversation that followed.

Annie: Are you watching Dora the Explorer?

Berkeley: No way, I don't watch that show.

Annie: Oh, well then what are you watching?

Berkeley: Dragon Tales.

Annie: Oh, ok.

He was sitting cross-legged on the couch with a bowl of cherios. I love it. So cute.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Douglas Got His Mission Call!!

Berkeley's little brother Douglas is the coolest kid ever! I love this guy so much! Last Friday, he opened his mission call in front of family and close friends. Here is a video of the big moment.

Congratulations Doug!! We love you and are so excited for you!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Day in My Life at Work

For the most part, I really do enjoy my job. I love the people I work with, the work itself is good and I feel like I am good at it. By far, the hardest thing to deal with is answering phones. I get so sick of listening to people complain. Most of the time about nothing really. Today was an especially annoying day, so I decided to vent on the blog. I hope you all don't mind. Maybe some of you can relate to this. Below is a bit of a conversation I had with someone today. I really had to force myself to be kind. Good thing too. I think you'll agree that it is best I bit my tongue.

Me: "Thank you for calling (INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE), this is Annie, how can I help you?"
If I could say what I want: "You're gay for calling (company name). What complaint do you have to yell at me about?"

My lawn looks terrible! There are brown spots everywhere...I think your company burned my lawn...I don't think your insect control works....blah blah blah...

Me: "I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going well for you. Let's get a specialist out to do a free evaluation so we can determine the best method of treatment for the problems in your lawn."
If I could say what I want: "It's mid-July. It's really freaking hot outside and your lawn will be brown if YOU DON'T WATER it.

Customer: "Does your specialist know what he's talking about or is he just some kid you pulled off the street to con me into paying for your service?"

Me: "Our specialist has been with our company for years and is highly trained and very knowledgeable when it comes to diagnosing and treating lawn problems."
If I could say what I want: "Yes, as a matter of fact we did just pull him off the street, but we did a background check to make sure he had a good established criminal record before we agreed to hire him. We made sure he had theft experience so he could know just how to con you out of your money."

Customer: "I'm still very upset. I'll be waiting for his call."

Me: "Ok, thank you for notifying us about your lawn problems. We will do our best to resolve the issue. Our specialist will be calling you within a couple of days."
If I could say what I want: "I am very annoyed that you called and I don't like you at all, but I'm sure you'll have fun making someone else's day bad."

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Baby Brother is 17!

The birthday boy being a nerd.

David and my neice Morgan. Weird that he is her uncle huh?

My adorable niece Autumn.

My sister Kimberly and her husband Matt.

My cute mom and dad. I love you guys!

My little Nephew, Ethan

The Scooter...and Court.

A few weeks ago, I got pulled over on the scooter on my way to work. We hadn't registered it yet or put it on our insurance. The policeman asked me how long I have had the scooter. At that time, it was about two weeks. I told him we had taken it in to get safety test and registration done on it, but that the only thing it needed was to have the horn fixed. He seemed so nice and asked how close I lived. I told him I was right around the corner. I thought he was just going to tell me to take the scooter home until I was able to get it registered. No, instead he went to his car and issued me FOUR citations! 1.No Registration 2. No proof of insurance 3.Previous owner's plates 4. No motorcycle operators endorsement. Awesome. He was kind enough to make the last two citations into warnings...thank goodness. So, the next week I got all of the stuff on the scooter taken care of. I went in to pay for the tickets and was told that I had to appear in court and it was mandatory. A few days later, I showed up to court and couldn't believe I was there. My case was the 5th one, so I watched 4 people go before me. The first lady was cuffed and belted and had two police escorts with her. She was there for drug charges and assaulting an officer. The next guy was there for theft. The third person was there for a 2nd DUI charge. The 4th person was there for a third offense of driving on a suspended license. Then I stood up. The judge looked at my file and asked me what kind of vehicle I was drving. I told him it was a scooter and he got this grin on his face that said, "Why are you here?" He told me the cost for the tickets would be $120 and would not be on my record. I payed the bill and left, but I was glad that someone else thought that I didn't belong there. Anyway, here is a little video of me on the scooter.

So Sick!

Berkeley and I had a good day at church and then we went to his cousins baby blessing and luncheon. When we got home from the luncheon, both of us started to feel a little queezy. We thought it may have been something we ate. Quickly the queeziness turned into full-on nausea for both of us. We were both awake all night sharing the bathroom.We called Berkeley's family to see if anyone else was sick and no one was, so we eliminated food poisoning as the reason. It has been terrible. Neither of us have started to feel any better yet and it is 8 am. I hate being sick so bad. I wrote this post mainly because I have been watching TV for the last 8 hours and can't take it anymore. Have any of you gotten the stomach bug lately? Is it going around? All I know is that it's aweful!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last night I babysat my sister's triplets. I love those kids so much! They just make me laugh all the time. Here are some pictures and a video from last nights adventures. By the way, I took all the pictures and the video on my NEW CAMERA! Berkeley gave it to me as an early birthday present.

Here is a video of the girls being silly. The blond is named Aspen and the brunette is Brooke. Conner is not in this video but he is the third triplet: a little toehead cutie!